Maddingly good Hot Cross Buns

Hallo and Happy Easter! A fave of mine and a whole lot of people across this big, blue marble for this time is Hot Cross buns. In my humble opinion, a bun, a good, warm sticky bun is a treat that MUST be had on occasion. The ones where you lick your fingers from the glaze and it just gets even stickier! Sooo good! Anyway, even though I am not at home (just yet) to make these goodies, I thought that I would look at some recipes and see if there was one that called out to me.

I had tried a couple years ago and to be honest I went through a LOT of trial and a WHOLE LOT of errors. Ask my family….they were insanely tired of me running after them, begging them to just try a piece, please take a bite, I promise this one is better than the last…..on and on. I did finally find one that I had liked and had actually worked for me. My dad, while browsing through the newspaper, found a recipe and bless his soul, showed it to me and said “Try this one.” I did. It worked. It actually worked! I had finally cracked the hot cross bun secret society!

They were insanely good out of the oven, and once they cooled down just the wee bit, they were awesome, all warm and gooey-ooey. They probably were not the greatest the day after, but thankfully not many lasted til next day anyway:) As I mentioned, I was browsing for another recipe and seeing if I could find another that called out to me. After all it has been years since I wanted to try to make buns again. Well, it seems as if I may have found the one. Thank goodness for the miracle of social media and the times that we live in. There were videos showing the entire process, so I could actually see how the buns turned out, before I took my precious ingredients and even more precious time and proceeded to test out their version.

In all honesty, I have not yet tried this version, but I am going to for sure! The video looks really good, the recipe seems to be super easy-peasy (no mixer involved) and it comes from a web site that is my go-oo when it comes to foods with a Trini flavor!

So, with no further ado, I give you……

“Traditional Hot Cross Buns” from

** Just a note, that these (as Renee the chef points out) are the traditional version and the crosses are made with a flour paste. I am thinking if you are not a fan, you could always pipe the crosses on after with you own favorite frosting. Cream cheese frosting does come to mind mmmmmm…..

This would so be an excellent choice to bake today! Have a great day all!

xo, Lisa

Traditional Hot Cross Buns from

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