Trying to eat healthier

Not much on baking today or recipes, but more of a vent-y type conversation. Sooooo, I am trying to choose healthier options when I eat. But as usual with me, it’s an all or nothing type deal. I woke up one morning, back aching, and decided… ENOUGH. The snacks have GOT to go! I swoosh all the snacks into a bag and get rid of them. Now my room is empty of snacks. Now I have no more temptations. I cannot eat what I do not have. I cannot munch on chocolate chip cookies if they are not there to be munched on. Cheetos? Gone. Cookies? Sayonara. All gone.

So now I have fruit as snacks. Whenever I feel the urge to snack, I have a choice between an apple or an orange. Yum. NOT. I am over apples. I feel like a horse. I don’t want to crunch into another juicy apple for a very long time. Oranges no longer seem as wonderful and juice-run-down-your-arm good. I am over FRUIT! I want a cookie, darn it! I want something that, if I just think about eating it, I consume 1000 calories just thinking about it. It should come in a pack that crinkles. Cellophane-wrapped wonderousness that I immediately inhale and devour.

Yummy chocolate cupcake!

But the guilt! Oh the enormous, looming guilt of having CHEATED! Cheated on myself, wasted all my good effort and all for what? One pack of sugary (or salty) nothing good for you-ness? But then again, there is the theory that you should not deprive yourself of everything you like food-wise, as this is not sustainable for the long term. So, the thinking is to have a treat every now and then and that way, you know it’s a treat, and you appreciate it that much more. There is no guilt (or there shouldn’t be) and you carry on with you healthy way of eating. Win-win!

So, I did have that chocolate chip cookie.

Today, it will be apples πŸ™‚

Bake great choices all.

xo, Lisa

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