Just saying hi!

Sometimes, very rarely, I don’t have much to say. Most days I have plenty to say and I am always thinking (over-thinking)? But there are those days when I am just mellow. Nothing seems to bother me. I simply love those days. Those days where the world is spinning just fine on its axis. People and events are lovely and everything is going according to plan.

Sadly though, those days are don’t follow one after another. They are like the desserts of life in my opinion. When they happen you should savor them. Make memories that you can remember, to be thought of and remembered when your days are not going as well as you would have liked.

I strive to have more and more of these days and moments. Attempting to learn how to not let the small things bother me. To realize what is truly important in life and save my fretting for the things and life changing events that really matter.

This pandemic has taught a lot of us a lot of lessons. There are silver linings in all of this. They may be few and mostly hidden behind clouds of despair and doubt but they are there. I have actually found a few. Lessons that I have learnt. Truths I have had to accept. All to make me (I hope) a better person.

I hope you all have a great day and bake good choices!

xo, Lisa

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