Finally home!

Yes! Finally home. It is midsummer weekend and the weather is on its best behavior. I am still trying to track down my “delayed” luggage. Another story for another day.

But! I finally did some baking. After fifteen plus months of being away, I finally got to bake something. Something small as it is only me at home at the moment.

The joy of mixing ingredients together then smelling them come together is indescribable. My first cake was an absolute flop. Underbaked and inedible. But at 14 minutes to midnight, I pulled a wee orange cranberry cake from our new oven!

Finally baking and plan on baking lots of good choices!

xo, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Finally home!

  1. Wow! This looks amazing. Even though, I am only 13, I learnt a lot from your blog. I hope you check out my baking blog too and I would love to know your opinion on it. Have given you a follow and will keep visiting.❤️

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