Muffins away from home.

It’s been a while since I have put any thoughts to paper (digitally😉). It’s been a strange sort of month. I haven’t been feeling super happy on most days as I am not at home. It’s not my home, and not being able to do my own stuff in my own space, especially baking, is kind of a downer most days.

But happily, the husband and I are headed home and, in celebration and in an effort to use the remaining grocery stuff, I made chocolate zucchini muffins to which I added some orange zest. May I just say that these muffins were worthy of a trophy? The addition of the orange zest was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

Chocolate zucchini muffins made by me!

You wouldn’t even know there’s a vegetable in there. It makes the muffins so moist and I get a serving of veggies in at the same time! Win-win I think. This made me feel so much better especially when they came out so beautifully. Looking forward to going home though.

Keep baking good choices all, xo Lisa

Thinking of nothing.

Have you ever been glad to just have nothing to think of? I mean, you always have something to think of or about but, those special times when nothing is terribly important or urgent and you can just take a moment to… breathe.

This morning is like that. Right now. In this moment. Here on the balcony, Finnish weather is behaving nicely. A hot cup of mocha goodness (complete with foamed milk) is waiting patiently for the first aaaaah sip.

We are getting visitors tomorrow and there are lots of things on my chore list to get done. But for now? I am Zen. In this moment I am peaceful and not thinking about the laundry to get done, or the dusting to do or how on earth am I going to make ham rolls for the first time?

Enjoy your day. Take time for you, even if it is just for a moment. Think of nothing. Bake some good choices today.

xo, Lisa

Finally home!

Yes! Finally home. It is midsummer weekend and the weather is on its best behavior. I am still trying to track down my “delayed” luggage. Another story for another day.

But! I finally did some baking. After fifteen plus months of being away, I finally got to bake something. Something small as it is only me at home at the moment.

The joy of mixing ingredients together then smelling them come together is indescribable. My first cake was an absolute flop. Underbaked and inedible. But at 14 minutes to midnight, I pulled a wee orange cranberry cake from our new oven!

Finally baking and plan on baking lots of good choices!

xo, Lisa

Just saying hi!

Sometimes, very rarely, I don’t have much to say. Most days I have plenty to say and I am always thinking (over-thinking)? But there are those days when I am just mellow. Nothing seems to bother me. I simply love those days. Those days where the world is spinning just fine on its axis. People and events are lovely and everything is going according to plan.

Sadly though, those days are don’t follow one after another. They are like the desserts of life in my opinion. When they happen you should savor them. Make memories that you can remember, to be thought of and remembered when your days are not going as well as you would have liked.

I strive to have more and more of these days and moments. Attempting to learn how to not let the small things bother me. To realize what is truly important in life and save my fretting for the things and life changing events that really matter.

This pandemic has taught a lot of us a lot of lessons. There are silver linings in all of this. They may be few and mostly hidden behind clouds of despair and doubt but they are there. I have actually found a few. Lessons that I have learnt. Truths I have had to accept. All to make me (I hope) a better person.

I hope you all have a great day and bake good choices!

xo, Lisa