Soon, soon, soon!

So many “soons” are coming….well, soon. I am actually finally going home soon. Yup! Finally going home to summery Finland. I really love summer in Finland. But right now I just am on love with the fact that I am getting to go home. At least one of them 😁

Little back story…my husband and I come from and live in two different countries. We do winters in Trinidad and summers in Finland. However, since March 7th, 2020, I have been onboard a ship. I started and finished working and, when it was time to go home to Trinidad the borders were closed.

Due to the pandemic Trinidad and Tobago borders were closed to nationals and non-nationals alike. The only way you could enter the country was to apply for an exemption. Fast forward to present and I have applied for permission to go to Finland instead.

Soon I will see my husband. Soon I will be baking. Soon I will be walking on grass and into actual stores. Looking at sunsets from our balcony. Soon I will feel a little more normal. I can’t wait! This has been an adventure to say the least. But I need a wee vacation from the day to day excitement. However, you know it! SOON I will be back to work and a new adventure will begin.

Bake good choices!

xo, Lisa

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